My name is Dan Adler and I'm running to be a District 150 school board member (5-year term) because I believe in our schools, in our teachers, staff and students, and in our community.  As a father of two young students, Madison and Lincoln, I know that the decisions our school leaders make now will have a profound effect on the education our students receive and how our community grows.  We need positive change in our schools and we need it now.  I am just the leader to help bring that change about.

I am uniquely qualified to fill this seat because of my organizational leadership.  Since moving here more than eight years ago to work for Caterpillar, I have demonstrated my leadership capabilities both inside and outside of my workplace.  At work, I am a self-starter who drives changes and projects forward.  I carry those same characteristics to the community organizations I serve.  After finding my homeowners' association low on energy and activity two years ago, I stepped up to serve as President and worked hard to reconnect our families through activities and issue advocacy.  Last year, I initiated a school conversation about the benefits of a community garden on the Kellar Primary school grounds - hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of donations later, we have a great new living laboratory outside of Kellar's windows and some excited children ready to see what the next spring will bring.  These are just two recent examples of the great community work I've been lucky enough to lead.  I certainly didn't do all the work myself - I have been blessed with mountains of help and hard work/generosity from community members to make meaningful change.  But it takes a leader to galvanize a community, and that's the spirit and capability I'll bring to our school board if you elect me this April.

Thank you for your interest and support.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions using the contact information below.

Adler for Peoria
Phone: 309-696-1523